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Hospital-Grade Disinfection Cleaning Services in
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Cleaning & Disinfection

In this new normal, COVID-19 Cleaning & Safety Measures are a top priority.
You wear a mask, sanitize your hands but you feel overwhelmed with the detailed cleaning and disinfection process that needs to be done to keep everyone safe.

We get it, and you don't need to risk yourself, your family or your team to get the job done effectively. Reduce the risk of infection with a Professional Hospital-Grade Disinfection Cleaning Service by Cleaning Studio.
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Your Space will be
Deep Cleaned & Disinfected

Deep Cleaning and Hospital-Grade Disinfection with Electrostatic Equipment and EPA Biodegradable and Non-Toxic Solutions

Enjoy a Safe & Healthy

Have the peace of mind that your space has been fully disinfected and it's ready to use.

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Cleaning Studio
The Rest
Certified Provider by GBAC
Hospital-Grade Disinfection Service
Why chance it?
Use of EPA Registered & Biodegradable Disinfectant safe for all types of surfaces
Who knows?
Professional Deep Cleaning Included
Certified by GBAC

Disinfection Protocol

Incident Site Risk Assessment
Identify the hazards & risks of your space so we can plan your disinfection service
Disinfection of visible contamination before sanitizing your space
Load Reduction
Removal and proper disposal of the gross bio-contamination
Forensic Cleaning
Removal of biological contaminants to prepare surfaces both vertical and horizontal for Professional Disinfection
Final Disinfection
Full Disinfection of Surfaces and Indoor Air with Hospital-Grade Electrostatic Sprayer Equipment
Post-Site Assesment
Visual and Odor Final Inspection by your Cleaning Team. You'll receive a Disinfection Report with Photos by email

Disinfection Cleaning for any Site!

A quick sample of all the type of spaces that are Deep Cleaned & Disinfected
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