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Office Cleaning
August 9, 2022

7 Effective Cleaning Office and Commercial Cleaning Tips and Tricks

A clean office is a productive office, but in a large office with many employees, the environment can quickly become dirty and disorganized. 

Each person may believe they don't have time to clean up spilled coffee or dust their desk area since they are so focused on their task. Unfortunately, a little sloppy office cleaning can rapidly lead to lower productivity, disgruntled employees, and dissatisfied customers. 

Cleaning the office is sometimes forgotten, yet it is an essential component of running a successful company. It can be tough to know where to begin when it comes to keeping an office clean, so we've compiled a list of seven recommendations to help you keep your office appearing and feeling like a place of business that deserves respect and a bright future. 

There are numerous office cleaning checklists and ideas available, but here are a few that are particularly helpful.

Establish a Clean Workplace Culture

This is the most significant recommendation, which is why it is listed first. It will be much easier to clean the workplace if you can educate all employees to appreciate the value of keeping a clean workspace and going above and above to keep common spaces clean.

Make certain that all new employees realize that keeping the workplace clean is an important element of their job. It's crucial not to be harsh or disciplinary when it comes to cleaning; instead, make it a joyful, team-building activity that everyone enjoys and takes pleasure in. 

Give out prizes for the cleaned workstations, thank coworkers when you notice them cleaning a common space, and provide plenty of positive reinforcement for good habits. It will be no difficulty to maintain everything looking good and operating well if everyone appreciates having a tidy office.

Ensure That Cleaning Supplies Are Easily Accessible

It's great if each employee has their own cleaning materials at their workstation, such as screen cleaners and disinfectant wipes. This manner, they don't feel obligated to furnish their own materials, and they begin to resent the boss for forcing them to clean their desk and purchase the necessary supplies. 

Having cleaning products on hand all of the time may appear to be an unnecessary investment, but the quantity of extra cleaning it will result in will be well worth it. Brooms, dustpans, dish soap, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and glass cleaners should be readily available in common areas. It's best if all of these supplies are kept in a single, easily accessible location. 

If someone makes a mess and it's difficult to get the necessary tools to clean it up, they're more likely to shoulder the responsibility to someone else, citing "more essential things to accomplish." If you provide the goods to your staff, they will use them, and the office will be much cleaner.

Remove Trash Everyday

Nothing is more disgusting than a stinking garbage can. The best way to avoid this is to take out the trash at the end of each workday so that it does not accumulate overnight and become a major issue. Each employee should have a waste basket at their desk and be in charge of selecting when it is time to take it to the main office garbage. 

The waste basket should be emptied whenever something moist or containing food scraps is placed in it. Allow your staff to choose who will take out the garbage each day. Rotate on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on what your team thinks is best. 

However, make sure kids understand how important it is for the trash to be taken out every day. The stench of trash will make a client question your firm more than anything else!

Clean the Floors

Sweeping or vacuuming should be done at least twice a week. With so many people coming in and out and back in, dirt from the outside is continuously being brought in. Because everyone will be wearing shoes, it may be difficult to detect a dirty office floor, but dirt does enter the field of vision, even if subconsciously, which can be distracting. Dirt can also be kicked up into the air, where it can land on other surfaces or cause allergy reactions. It's preferable to have specific days for cleaning the floor, such as Wednesdays and Fridays. If no disasters occur, mopping can be done simply once a week. 

Again, it's critical that all employees take responsibility for cleaning common areas and are free to clean their personal space as they see fit. The floors are one of the most difficult and vital parts to clean in an office, but they can be kept clean and functional with teamwork and an established pattern.

Make the Lights Shine

It's difficult to keep overhead lighting clean. This duty does not need to be completed as frequently as the others on the list, but it is nonetheless critical and sometimes forgotten. Dust easily accumulates within light fixtures, giving them a dingy appearance that can contribute to reduced productivity.

To safely reach the lights, this step will almost certainly require the use of a ladder. You may also check that all of the bulbs are still working and replace any that have burned out when cleaning the lights. The illumination in an office is important for reading and staying awake while working. You are protecting your staff' eyes and letting clients know that you will have a bright future working together if you maintain the lights clean.

Establish Cleaning Procedures for Individual Areas

Employees need to know how their workstations should look so they can work toward a common goal. Screens should be kept clean, keyboards should be dusted on a regular basis, and papers should be stored in order, drawers should be kept tidy, and chairs should be cleaned on a weekly basis. 

Small meetings in each person's space are a wonderful way to ensure that individual spaces keep clean; this way, they must be clean and organized to create a good impression on the rest of their coworkers. The office as a whole will function much better if each person keeps their own space clean.

Engage the Services of a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company, Everneat

Everneat, offers professional commercial cleaning services in New York City. Also, specializes in office cleaning and deep house cleaning services and has come on a regular basis. Everneat also has the best natural cleaning products and eco-friendly and non-toxic all-purpose cleaner products. 

Keeping a tidy office, as you can see from these suggestions, is a major undertaking. When you consider all of the advantages of hiring an office cleaner, you'll be surprised at how inexpensive commercial cleaning services are.

Having your employees clean the office can only get you so far; hiring a dedicated professional commercial cleaning cleaner is the only way to ensure that your workplace is as clean and functional as possible.

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